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General Terms & Conditions 


Section 1 - Contract

The contract is closed when it is signed by both parties to confirm or recognized in a different way. The contract is concluded exclusively on the basis of these Terms and Conditions (Terms Possible can vary the customer will not be accepted). The contract is expressly made ​​between the FairDay`s MesseService and the reservation confirming customers. If the Customer for a third party made ​​a booking, both jointly and severally liable. The FairDay`s Exhibition Services has the right to choose whether he makes the claims of the client or the third party in. Differs from the content of the confirmation of the customer by offering the FairDay`s MesseService and this deviation is not confirmed in writing by the FairDay`s MesseServices, the data is valid from the offer as confirmed. As a customer under these Conditions shall apply to both the guest and the host. The limitation period for all claims of the customer against the FairDay`s MesseService is six months.

Section 2 - Host
As host of the person / the operation is called, the / key is entered on the file of the FairDay`s MesseServices, with the aim of providing accommodation for guests to make Her / his shelter. The status of the host is independent of the type of accommodation. They may be acting to accommodation, flats or houses, regardless of location, size and number of accommodation.
The FairDay`s MesseServices reserves the right to inspect offered on request accommodations and to reject without giving a reason to be unsuitable for mediation. The book comes when the hosts fed him sent booking confirmation (lease) returns signed within the period specified therein. After the deadline can not be guaranteed a reservation in the prescribed form. After entry in the file and successful booking the host is obliged to inform the guest that visited from the FairDay`s MesseService and to provide for mediation as found suitable accommodation available. In online settings of the guest, no visits are necessary. However, the online offering with the realities of the property must match vote. If an accommodation does not correspond to the original conditions, ie State at inspection or submission of online settings, is FairDay`s MesseService shorten or cancel the host is entitled to the fee. Subsequently, the deletion of the host data is initiated. The rights and obligations of the host are governed by the aforementioned confirmation (lease) and these General Conditions and are binding on both parties. The FairDay`s MesseServices conceded the overnight expenses on behalf of the host, so he agrees to immediately after the guest's departure, the host is entitled to pay the fee. Here, only the mathematically correct amount according to the number of nights and the price per night as agreed. If, based on extensions or shortening of stay or otherwise the payment by the guest not of the agreed sum, so the FairDay`s MesseService obligation to update the hosts pay the actual circumstances. The host undertakes, either himself to send left behind by guests free of charge to the guest articles or items without being asked to deliver the FairDay`s MesseService so that it can cause the delivery of the items. A priority for the host on payment of the rent against the FairDay`s MesseService does not exist if the guest refuses to pay for reasons that in his own person (disease, non-arrival, etc.) or in the person of the host (non-accessibility, defects in the rented, etc.) are. In case of non availability payment to the host is, after payment of the claim of the host fee from the guests, reduced by 20%. If the host by returning the booking confirmation (lease) the property in debt is not available, the FairDay`s MesseService is entitled to require the relevant service fee by the host. This is 15,00 € (change fee) per guest per night.

Section 3 - Foreign company / guest
As a host company / guest the company or natural person is designated, which / what the FairDay`s MesseServices entrusted to book a certain number of accommodations for a specified period for a certain number of employees or other persons. It is not important whether the person making the booking later as a guest claimed the property. The guest will receive after booking a reservation confirmation by the FairDay`s MesseService respectively his promised documents, which are tantamount to a confirmation email. The guest receives basically the accommodation offered to him. The accommodation can be compelling reasons to replace a similar amount of without posting this will reduce effectiveness. For booking the journey recorded on the offer terms, and the written down in these Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions apply. Verbal agreements are only effective if they are confirmed in writing by both parties. The FairDay`s fair service does not guarantee that the host meets its obligations. If a host against its commitments are not available or the property is not the visit or the online setting set accordingly prepared the FairDay`s MesseServices is not responsible for, the service provides a fair FairDay`s available accommodation as an alternative. Any resulting transfer costs will be assessed. For other costs incurred by the guest through the transfer, the fair FairDay`s MesseService can not be availed. The contractually agreed service fee is also payable when a host fails to meet its obligations and the FairDay`s MesseService has this not responsible. For changes made at the request of / the host company / guest a rebooking fee of 15,00 € will be charged and is writing the FairDay`s MesseService reported. Should the customer cancel the booking, this is also the FairDay`s MesseServices in writing immediately.
The cancellation fees are broken down as follows:
From 28 days to 16 days before date of arrival 50% of rental
From 15 days to arrival date 100% of the rental price

Upon receipt of the contact details for the reserved accommodation, no cancellation is possible. Even if the period is prior to the 28 days of the arrival date.
New mediation the canceled accommodation before 28 days of arrival date, is only applicable to the rebooking fee of 15,00 €. If a new mediation not be possible (15% of the rental before 28 days from arrival date) are payable, the possible claims by the hotel or host in addition to the cancellation fees.
For all bookings less than 3 nights, we calculated a one-time short-term extra per person.

Section 4 - Arrival / departure
Arrival is generally in the afternoon or evening of the first day of the booking, the Departure in the morning of the last day. The exact arrival and departure date must be agreed directly between the guest and the host. As a guide, the journey to 20 clock and clock-out to 12 is to be made. The host undertakes to allow the guest to the agreed arrival date access to the booked accommodation, and leave it to him in proper condition. The guest undertakes to the agreed arrival date has been agreed with the host beforehand to let pass no longer than 45 minutes. If deviations from the agreed arrival / departure date are required and not the direct agreement between the guest and host is possible, the FairDay`s MesseService to be informed about the change that seeks to corresponding information to the contractor concerned.

Section 5 - Compliance with deadlines and dates
The agreed time limits and deadlines apply to both parties to be binding. Can not be met deadlines or appointments, the Parties have informed thereof without delay stating reasons and duration of the delay. The FairDay`s MesseServices accepts no responsibility for delays due to force majeure or those that they did not go into debt unless its part every effort has been done to ensure timely fulfillment of the order. In case of non-respect of payment deadlines, the FairDay`s MesseServices reserves the right to charge a handling fee of EUR 10.00 for each reminder.

Section 6 - Miscellaneous
The FairDay`s MesseServices strives to meet the needs of the guest righteous when he brings this early expression and a corresponding host is available. On the other hand, offers the FairDay`s fair service to the guest at a hotel that should serve his wishes most likely, which it reserves the right to make the evaluation of this depends on the booking request. Information on location, facilities and overall situation of the booked accommodation and the person of the host given in good faith and conscience. Damage claims can not be derived therefrom. The FairDay`s MesseServices acts only as an intermediary between the customer and is not responsible for the actual condition and the changes incurred without their knowledge of the accommodation offered.

Section 7 - Final Provisions
The contract deviating agreements or oral side agreements require written confirmation by both partners. For disputes arising from a contract entered into and its performance, to the extent permitted by law, the jurisdiction of the court agreed at the seat of FairDay`s MesseService. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.